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In June, the median sale price of a single-family home hit $276,000 in Worcester County and $395,000 statewide, continuing their upward trend. While the price of real estate is a sign of strong demand, rising costs can price people out of the market and/or leave them with less disposable income.
Are rising home prices good for your business?

08/01/17 AT 02:59 PM
All boats rise and fall with the tide. With Boston beyond reach, Central Massachusetts has the character and economy to grow.

08/01/17 AT 02:59 PM
One of my pet peeves about the WBJ is the belief that high real estate prices are good, when in fact they are the worst possible thing that could happen. Lower prices raise the standard of living, high prices lower the standard of living. This is not a new idea. Adam Smith wrote: "Nations go to ruin fastest where the rate of profit is highest."

08/01/17 AT 11:49 AM
High tide lifts all boats -- its always better with a growing economy. I wish the city council would understand this.
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