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The Worcester Bravehearts ranked seventh nationally in attendance among collegiate-league baseball teams this year, at 2,356 people per game. The Worcester Railers say they've sold more season tickets to the upcoming season than the Worcester Sharks did in their final year of play. The city is actively courting the Pawtucket Red Sox to move to Worcester, with nearly 100 area business leaders signing a letter supporting the effort.
Given Worcester's strong attendance with other sports teams, should the public offer subsidies to draw the Pawtucket Red Sox to a new ballpark here?

08/23/17 AT 12:05 PM
This would be a HUGE win for Worcester and would further boost the level of economic activity in this area of the city (which is already experiencing tremendous growth and development). As long as the public funds are directed prudently and appropriately (at whatever level), this project would continue to elevate Worcester's standing as the second largest city in New England and the Heart of the Commonwealth - and complement an already robust level of development in and near the downtown.

08/28/17 AT 08:32 PM
The site for the new ballpark should be near Lake Quinsigamond. It would be great to have a ballpark near the lake.

08/23/17 AT 12:05 PM
This is a great team that would draw interested fans from the region. Go for it!

08/23/17 AT 12:04 PM
The Paw Sox should come to Worcester because it makes good financial sense for them, not because they get a tax break or other subsidy.

08/23/17 AT 12:04 PM
Unless the park would be open to the public for use like other city facilities

08/23/17 AT 12:04 PM
I'd like to see a team such as the Pawtucket Red Sox in Worcester, but only if it doesn't hurt the Bravehearts attendance. Also this can be something where interest will be so high that Pawtucket will eventually come up with the money and/or land to keep the team where they are. This sounds like the Patriots plans to build a stadium in Connecticut and ending up staying in Massachsetts.
- Ken Capurso,

08/22/17 AT 10:19 AM
I am planning a move to Worcester from Providence. We defeated a move to push for public funding for a stadium in the middle of Providence and are continuing to fight on the proposed Pawtucket stadium should the Paw Sox decide to stay in Pawtucket. I am totally opposed to public funding for a private venture such as this. If the stadium is expected to be successful, the owners can fund it themselves just as Bob Kraft did for the Patriots stadium.

08/22/17 AT 10:19 AM
38 Studios...

08/22/17 AT 10:18 AM
If it is done right with the mixture of business and entertainment close to a form of transportation, it should work.
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