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A new bike-share program started in September in Worcester, with 300 bikes available to rent for $1 an hour. In July, a pedicab startup called WooRides began offering rides in foot-powered vehicles.
How popular can bike-based alternative modes of transportation be in Worcester?

09/20/17 AT 03:04 PM
good luck in January

09/20/17 AT 03:04 PM
I for one am extremely hopeful that they will have a very positive impact on the city. Perhaps it will be somewhat limited for a while. But it is a great thing to have in Worcester!

09/19/17 AT 11:38 AM
Bikes will be attractive to those who have strength and lack money. That sounds like the college crowd to me. Of course, a lot of them may want to own rather than rent. OK idea for a few people downtown. Would likely work better in cities that aren't built on seven hills. I'll bet the photo op was the last time we'll see city officials on them.

09/19/17 AT 11:37 AM
The idea is wonderful - but this is Worcester - they will most likely all be stolen within a couple of months.

09/19/17 AT 11:37 AM
It has proven to be a great alternative in Boston, NYC and many other U.S. cities, so Worcester should be no different.

09/19/17 AT 11:37 AM
Best wishes come January

09/19/17 AT 11:37 AM
It's unclear from the articles I've read on this whether a credit card is needed to rent the bikes. If so, it locks out many people who live in Worcester who may have no or poor credit and don't have access to a credit card. I think people who use these rental bikes for transportation tend to be middle-upper class.
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