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Dozens of large companies and institutions have been the subject of data breaches so far in 2017, including Verizon, Equifax, Whole Foods, Arby's and others. The need for highly-skilled cybersecurity experts is apparent, but according to a recent survey by defense contractors Raytheon, only 38 percent of Millennials are more willing to consider a career in cybersecurity than a year ago.
What does your company do to protect its data?

11/07/17 AT 04:36 PM
This is a pretty stupid poll, since all of the above should be done. More importantly, many people (and this poll) forget that physical security is one of the best and safest. I have clients that require my computer to not be on the internet when the drive with their data is connected, I physically disconnect the network before proceeding to access anything about them, and use tools to check that nothing is left once the drive is removed.

11/01/17 AT 02:39 PM
I have to have a marathon password changed every 45 days and I am not allowed to write it or store it anywhere. You do what you got to do.

11/01/17 AT 02:39 PM
Any company that is only doing one of the above isn't effectively protecting their data and systems. We do all of them.

11/01/17 AT 02:39 PM
You poll does not allow for more than one answer. Is that what you really intended to to? We implement 3 of the 6 choices.

11/01/17 AT 02:39 PM
Company does all of the above as well a using hardware and software solutions. We are not even allowed to plug in company provided USB drives to company provided PCs and laptops. They also provide regular employee trainings regarding phishing and other cyber crimes as well as official notices. They go so far as to send fake phishing emails to see who in the company will "bite"

11/01/17 AT 02:39 PM
We actually do all of the items specificied in your list

11/01/17 AT 02:39 PM
Do couple of things such as Require password changes regularly and require them to be complex and constant backups.
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