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According to the 2017 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, commissioned by American Express OPEN, the number of woman-owned businesses in Massachusetts has grown by 50.4 percent since 2007, compared to 114.4 percent nationally.
What would be the best way for Massachusetts to increase the number of woman-owned businesses?

11/22/17 AT 05:28 PM
Not every woman attends college, so a business degree is not the answer. As for special financing and regulations that may get someone started, but it is not the answer in the long run in dealing with the real world. It is only a crutch and you can't run long on a crutch. Learning management skills, customer skills, urgency in dealing with day to day issues (don't put anything off) and basic finance are the keys to a successful business. Therefore provide leadership training programs.

11/21/17 AT 11:08 AM
We are hesitant in hiring women what with the current spate of legal challenges of sexual harassment, valid or invalid. There is less risk in hiring men. Reality is a tough master.

11/21/17 AT 10:23 AM
Change the details to qualify for women 'owned'. For old businesses, because of the documentation demanded, the process is PROHIBITIVELY EXPENSIVE! (or we would have done it already) They need to amend the lang. of the law. Howard Products 7 Brookfield Street Worcester Ma. 01605

11/21/17 AT 10:22 AM
All of the action items are needed.
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