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Pressure for time, costs trends and more employees working from home have have combined to take away 433 million trips to restaurants for lunch nationally in 2016, and an estimated $3.2 billion in lost sales, according to the market research firm NPD Group.
How often do you go out to lunch at a restaurant during a workday?

12/04/17 AT 10:47 AM
I wish I could afford to eat out more often and support local restaurants, but I don't see it happening any time soon.

11/28/17 AT 04:38 PM
With four children, I can't afford to eat lunch outside of the office!

11/28/17 AT 12:45 PM
I go out about twice per month. The rest of the time I bring my lunch to work.

11/28/17 AT 12:45 PM
None of the choices fit my situation. I go out to lunch once or twice a month.

11/28/17 AT 12:44 PM
One employee picks up takeout daily for everyone who orders.

11/28/17 AT 12:44 PM
Never is actually more accurate. Who has the time??

11/28/17 AT 12:44 PM
I generally eat lunch at my desk in order to keep working rather than take time out during the day.

11/28/17 AT 12:44 PM
We get delivery 2-3 times a week.

11/28/17 AT 12:44 PM
Almost never. We brown bag it.
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