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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo, a federal guideline suggesting the federal government not enforce federal marijuana laws in states with legalized marijuana. In Massachusetts, medical marijuana is already legal, and companies can begin applying to open recreational marijuana shops in April. Those stores can open in July. The Massachusetts marijuana business is projected to be a $1.1-billion industry by 2020.
Should federal marijuana laws be enforced in Massachusetts as sales of recreational cannabis are expected to begin in just a few months?

01/16/18 AT 04:24 PM
Where are our reps in Congress? With so many states relaxing the prohibitions on Pot, Congress should change/update the federal laws. States that want to prohibit Pot can still do so. Another example where Congress needs to get off their lazy, butts and do something. The federal government should not be choosing which laws to enforce and which laws to look the otherway, just because our law makers are incompetent.

01/09/18 AT 02:42 PM
A lot of people think they can get rich quick with this new industry. A lot of children are at risk with the irresponsible handling of marijuana baked good and candies. We are opening up the flood gates to a lot of problems. I think if there were federal laws that will police this new industry, it will help to keep our families safe from careless irresponsible money grubbers that feel this product is safe because you can grow it "natural."

01/09/18 AT 02:42 PM
Instead of arresting marijuana users, the state should arrest Jeff Sessions if he ever shows his racist face in the state.

01/09/18 AT 06:43 PM
They knew this could happen and took the risk. I have no sympathy for them.

01/09/18 AT 06:39 PM
Let's be honest here. Nobody was sitting around waiting for the government's permission to grow and smoke weed. It"s going on regardless of any law that re- legalizes it.

01/09/18 AT 06:39 PM
I personally did not vote in favor of legalizing marijuana. However, since the state did pass it into law, the state's rights should matter.

01/09/18 AT 06:39 PM
The voters have spoken in MA. The federal government has more important issues to address -- like the opioid epidemic!

01/09/18 AT 02:42 PM
Only if they are operating outside of state law.

01/09/18 AT 02:42 PM
While it will be of lower enforcement priority than many other areas, it is illegal and should not be totally off the table.

01/09/18 AT 02:42 PM
Sessions should go back to 1880.
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