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In the United States, 16.6 percent of corporate board members in the United States are female, putting the U.S. behind Western counterparts, including Norway and France, which double the American rate. New laws in those two countries require public companies to have women in 40 percent or more of their board positions, while other countries including Belgium, Germany and Italy, require a 30-percent threshold.
Should Massachusetts or the U.S. have a law requiring public companies to have a certain percentage of women on their boards?

02/22/18 AT 02:24 PM
What an ignorant question and I am a woman.

02/22/18 AT 02:24 PM
Just as affirmative action has devalued the African American achievements, having quotas or laws requiring percentage determined by sex, this will devalue the woman. Especially with the "sexual harassment."

02/22/18 AT 02:24 PM
Affirmative action (or reaction) is an idea whose time has expired. Forward thinking and innovative companies will by their nature develop and be more successful with a diverse workforce and a diverse boardroom.

02/22/18 AT 02:24 PM
Why are we insisting on making women into men? If you want to destroy America one way is to destroy the family unit. If mothers are working all the time who is raising the children, a computer or TV?

02/22/18 AT 02:24 PM
If corporations are not forced to increase number of seats held by females they will continue to have the majority of board members comprised of males.
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