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New York media company GateHouse Media, the parent company of the Worcester Telegram and Gazette and the MetroWest Daily News, will purchase Millbury-based Holden Landmark Corp., which includes Worcester Magazine, the Landmark in Holden, baystateparent magazine, Grafton News, Millbury-Sutton Chronicle and Leominster Champion. GateHouse's move follows Denver-based Digital First Media, the parent company of the Fitchburg Sentinel and Enterprise, buying the Boston Herald.
Has media consolidation by a handful of large corporations impacted local journalism?

03/01/18 AT 11:41 AM
Small town community weeklies are filling the void that large company subscription based papers no longer fill.

03/01/18 AT 11:41 AM
The newspapers as we knew them are a thing of the past. The internet, podcasts and cable TV have changed how news is delivered. The biggest losers are local news stories.

03/01/18 AT 11:41 AM
News has been replaced by biased journalism. There is no more true news.

02/27/18 AT 11:30 AM
The Fitchburg paper is essentially dead. Does not look good for the Herald, even with employment promises. Metrowest News is in a messy transition, the product is missing pieces, Sunday product seems different every week, and stories getting less relevant to locals

02/27/18 AT 11:01 AM
The subscription based papers are not worth reading anymore. The hyper-local small business owned papers that cover just one town and go to everyone in town seem to do a great job and are growing. I see them in more and more towns in the area. I think they are the way of the future for print as does Warren Buffett!!

02/27/18 AT 10:47 AM
Would like to select both "Yes."

02/27/18 AT 10:47 AM
Honest journalism is fading in lieu of political pandering.

02/27/18 AT 10:47 AM
The elimination of the "Fairness Doctrine."

02/27/18 AT 10:47 AM
While media companies pay lip service to "hyperlocal."
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