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Medusa Brewing Co. in Hudson is planning to expand with a 10,000-square-foot production brewery, Wormtown Brewery is wrapping up an expansion and Greater Good Imperial Brewing Co. just opened its first taproom in Worcester. According to the Mass. Brewers Guild, there are now 154 commercial breweries in the state, including 39 opened last year, and 104 have taprooms.
Is the craft beer market in Massachusetts becoming oversaturated?

03/29/18 AT 11:03 AM
I think all of the smaller breweries opening up recently are great for consumers and communities. From a business perspective, I do wonder where the tipping point of market saturation is. As a consumer, the more beer options I have locally, the better!

03/28/18 AT 01:43 PM
It's funny to see the term "Micro"

03/28/18 AT 09:06 AM
As in any major industry expansion (automobiles, computers, oil and gas) there will be winners and losers in the craft beer movement. Brand differentiation and ability to scale your product to increase market penetration will be key to the success of some while others will carve out a local niche for their product. It will make for an interesting case study in the future, no doubt.
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