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Northbridge wire manufacturer Riverdale Mills and Maynard telecommunications parts maker Acacia Communications have said actions on trade by the Trump Administration – including a 25-percent tariff on steel and temporarily banning a Chinese company from purchasing American products – is hurting their bottom line.
How do you think Trump's trade war impacts your business?

06/13/18 AT 01:49 PM
Tariffs will increase prices which will increase inflation and reduce economic efficiency. Loss of manufacturing jobs is mostly related to automation not imports. Some manufacturers may benefit from tariffs, but any increase in output will be as a result of automation not labor. This is very much like the loss of jobs we have seen in the past in the farming sector where machines have overtaken manual labor. Should we put tariffs on farming machines? NO! The way we handled it is to retrain the displaced workers. The same should be happening to miners, etc. The economy changes but our workforce training programs are not keeping up. Let's fix this.

06/13/18 AT 11:58 AM
Who writes these questions? This is not a trade war, it is not anti-globalization. It is an attempt to bring out of balance trade agreements back in line.

06/13/18 AT 11:58 AM
I think it's a little unfair and disingenuous to term it a 'trade war'. Global trade policies by all countries is a complex exercise in trying to hit an optimum balance. This poll question is very misleading, and no doubt you will get your intended result: Who is in favor of war?!

06/13/18 AT 11:57 AM
Unlike previous administrations/presidents, President Trump knows how to negotiate, and negotiate he will and in the long run we (US businesses) will benefit from his business acumen (e.g. skills, knowledge and experience). People, give the guy a chance to do his job without all of the non-productive partisan political static.

06/13/18 AT 01:49 PM
It's not done yet. For all the anti-protectionist rhetoric, not many have picked up on his statement that we would remove all tariffs and subsidies if our "partners and friends"

06/13/18 AT 11:01 AM
While we're not manufacturers, I believe the tariffs will have a general negative drag on the economy and to some degree affect everyone.

06/13/18 AT 10:50 AM
This needs to be done.

06/13/18 AT 10:23 AM
In the end, the benefits always seem to circle back to Trump and his inner circle.
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