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The City of Worcester is seeking artists to provide cultural placemaking for an $11-million redevelopment of Main Street. The project, dubbed Main Street Reimagined, will incorporate public art features into the construction, which already includes bigger sidewalks and bike lanes.
Do you think Worcester's public art helps the city's economy?

06/26/18 AT 06:28 PM
There is public art in Worcester?

06/19/18 AT 08:50 PM
Art is at the heart of a community!

06/19/18 AT 08:50 PM
Art makes the location more of a destination. If they come, they will likely spend money.

06/19/18 AT 08:50 PM
A city with an interesting and beautiful environment will attract people, and they will spend more money in the city; and I believe Worcester's improving appearance is doing that, but I have no proof that it has created a measurable difference yet, so didn't rate it that way.

06/19/18 AT 08:49 PM
The public art makes Worcester more of a cultural center with a mix of many things for many people, and that is always good for business.

06/19/18 AT 11:00 AM
While the direct economic return is not significant, I would argue that the indirect intangible indirect from Worcester's current public art (POW WOW in particular) is significant. Public art sends a powerful message that the arts matter in Worcester (as they have for 100 years or more) and that Worcester is vibrant, on the rise and becoming an increasingly cool place to live. I've had a number of out-of-town visitors comment very favorably on Worcester's existing public art and wish that their hometown could follow Worcester's lead.

06/19/18 AT 10:59 AM
I've personally given tours of some of the Pow! Wow! Worcester murals to people walking around the city looking for them who had come to Worcester specifically, either by car, bus or train, to see the murals and to meet the artists. Anytime I meet an out-of-town friend, our meal is always followed by a trip around Elm Park Community School (one of the world's best mural museums thanks to the 18-plus murals painted there last year) or 2016 downtown locations.

06/19/18 AT 10:59 AM
I believe the arts and cultural activities provide a strong visual backdrop to an energetic city that values the arts and thus attracts the kinds of corporations, people and earning power vital to the growth of Worcester.

06/19/18 AT 10:16 AM
Worcester isn't a walking city with safe areas, cafes, benches and food near cultural attractions like Cambridge, Portsmouth, or Providence. Until it is, art is nice but not enough. What does Worcester want to be known for?

06/19/18 AT 10:16 AM
It absolutely does help the economy. Look at all the other cities that upgraded their downtown areas and the resulting effect.
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