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The Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Coordinating Council has hired Smart Growth Economics to conduct a city-wide housing study this fall to compare the city's housing practices to similar cities.
What are the city's biggest housing needs?

09/26/18 AT 09:26 AM
None of the above. The city should not be promoting any type of housing. We should instead be focused on providing services to all of our neighborhoods equally in order to maintain the quality of life for all who live and work here.

09/26/18 AT 09:26 AM
How about none of the above? Start pouring money into schools. The market will take care of itself in a multitude of price points and demographics if the schools are not so hit or miss....

09/26/18 AT 09:26 AM
It is important to raise the median household income in Worcester so that it gives outside businesses a reason to establish here. You can have as many people in the city as you like, however, if they do not have the money to spend, there is no reason for businesses to locate here. With more business and attractions, the other housing needs will fall into place.

09/26/18 AT 09:26 AM
Students and young professionals are a desired commodity in any community.

09/26/18 AT 09:26 AM
We need more "starter"
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