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Pawtucket Red Sox officials are considering dropping the Red Sox name for when the baseball team moves to Worcester in 2021. The Triple A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox has always used the Red Sox name, a brand valued at $3 billion, but the minor league team is soliciting fan's opinions until Nov. 26 on what the name should be. Early fan suggestions include Worcester Minutemen, Worcester PawSox and Worcester Night Crawlers.
Should Worcester's new baseball team be called the Red Sox?

11/06/18 AT 03:10 PM
The Kelley Square Navigators

11/06/18 AT 02:21 PM
Probably better than the more accurate Worcester Tax Burdens.

11/06/18 AT 01:55 PM
To not have the Red Sox name associated with its minor league affiliate would be a real sin. While other minor league affiliates (Lowell, Portland) do have different team names than the Red Sox, the AAA affiliate has always had that iconic brand associated with the franchise. Let's not make a mistake that we may regret in the future.

11/06/18 AT 01:55 PM
Please please -- anything but the Night Crawlers!!!!!

11/06/18 AT 01:55 PM
They should absolutely keep the Red Sox name. When the Pawtucket group came to Worcester, everyone on stage as well as in the audience were wearing Red Sox shirts and hats. The Red Sox name means too much not to use it.

11/06/18 AT 01:50 PM
Absolutely! That is why the city committed the investment!

11/06/18 AT 01:49 PM
The WooSox is what everyone is calling them now, and I think it should continue.

11/06/18 AT 01:49 PM
What is wrong with WooSox? Must have the Sox in the name. Devalued with anything else.

11/06/18 AT 01:48 PM
Worcester Red Sox all the way

11/06/18 AT 01:48 PM
Seriously, is this even a question we need to ask? Of course their name should be the Red Sox!!!
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