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The Worcester Red Sox minor league baseball team will start play in the city in 2021, but the team will join a sports market already with at least four other minor league teams: Worcester Railers men's hockey, Massachusetts Pirates arena football, Worcester Bravehearts collegiate baseball and Worcester Blades women's hockey.
Can the Greater Worcester market support five professional sports teams?

12/05/18 AT 01:17 PM
The teams (especially the WooSox) don't need to rely solely on Greater Worcester for fans. They can draw from throughout Central Mass, Metro West, Northern RI and even parts of Western Mass. Worcester is a relatively short and easy drive for much of Southern New England.

11/29/18 AT 01:39 PM
It will be important that these teams be competitive. Fan base will develop and expand accordingly. Worcester has had problems with having just (1) minor league team because they were mostly at the bottom of the rankings each year. Disappointed fans can only hang in there so long....Hoping for the Best !!!

11/27/18 AT 04:11 PM
When the economy is strong it's possible that five teams can flourish but once things start to slow down some of the teams will suffer, particularly as corporate sponsorship budgets start to tighten up.

11/27/18 AT 04:11 PM
The more, the merrier!

11/27/18 AT 04:11 PM
I believe that the different sports, different seasons and different price points will all contribute to a niche for each team in the market.

11/27/18 AT 04:11 PM
Based solely on the numbers, it's difficult to be optimistic.

11/27/18 AT 04:11 PM
I firmly believe that it depends on the sport and how that league is structured. We have seen the spiraling deaths of The Tornadoes

11/27/18 AT 04:11 PM
Hockey and football appeal to different audiences, but multiple teams in those sports will find it hard to survive. The better the competition and talent, the better the chance for success. The AAA baseball team will be the most successful. A future AHL affiliate will also be an upgrade from the Railers.

11/27/18 AT 04:11 PM
The Red Sox will be good quality sports and entertainment with only limited seasonal conflict.
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