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A Worcester councilor is proposing to tax short-term rentals on platforms like Airbnb 6 percent. The fees would be in addition to a 5.7-percent state tax, which mirrors Massachusetts' hotel tax. Revenue generated would be used to reduce current property taxes. The proposal comes after the state Legislature passed a bill to regulate the industry, including the tax and insurance requirements.
Should Airbnb hosts pay a local tax like hotels do?

01/16/19 AT 12:10 PM
Tax Tax Tax. The only word the government (local, Sate, federal) knows.

01/16/19 AT 12:10 PM

01/16/19 AT 12:10 PM
It's a loophole to not tax that income same as hotels

01/16/19 AT 12:10 PM
Hosts are directly competing with the hospitality industry. Standards need to be met and maintained. Anyone who is going to be in business needs to understand that there are costs involved. Many times, up front costs.
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