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Worcester will pay $70 million of the $101-million cost to build a Canal District stadium called Polar Park for the future home of the Pawtucket Red Sox, which will enable the team to not have to pay any property taxes on the facility. The stadium will be the anchor for a $240-million public-private redevelopment of a large portion of the Canal District, which also includes hotels and apartments -- each getting their own tax breaks. In its financial estimates for the projects, the City of Worcester believes the entire development will generate enough tax and rental revenue to cover the taxpayers' cost and create an extra $3 million on top to go back into the city's coffers. Cities elsewhere in New England like Lowell; Hartford, Conn.; and Manchester, N.H. have attempted to use municipally owned stadiums as anchors for private developments, with varying degrees of success.
What would make the Worcester Red Sox stadium development successful?

01/24/19 AT 08:09 PM
Calling the team the Red Sox is misleading. Its not a major league team, and I don't see a lot of people coming to these games - not the people the city is trying to attract anyway. The prices of real estate has skyrocketed making the city very unaffordable for its residents. This is a waste of money. Ask the Railers how they are doing - no one goes to those games either. This is a big waste of money, and they should be paying taxes like the rest of us.

01/24/19 AT 08:08 PM
It takes a few visionaries and leaders to create regional destinations! Look at Kendall Square that was a slum in the late 70s and 80s (I know as I worked there). Ditto the water front of Boston. The city, state and private developers need to come together with a vision and develop toward it. P.S.: Don't leave parking, trains and airports out of the mix!

01/24/19 AT 11:41 AM
It's a huge win for the city and very exciting. We can only hope that the city reaches its $3 million surplus projection. The possibilities for the city are endless! It's a great city with so much to offer and our way of life here is so much more relaxed than a larger city.

01/24/19 AT 11:41 AM
I would say all four are correct in one sense or another - the biggest challenge for Worcester will be our leadership group. because what they say today isn't always the truth when push comes to shove
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