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Only 15 percent of public-company executives and directors in Central Massachusetts are women, a Worcester Business Journal review found. That's far less than the 32-percent make-up of women on boards or in executive roles in healthcare organizations in Central Massachusetts, or the 39-percent rate among colleges and universities.
What is the ideal gender mix among business leadership?

02/06/19 AT 03:12 PM
In the long run, in a competitive market, the companies with the best people *should* do the best. Leadership needs diverse experience, knowledge, and perspective in addition to the essentials of integrity, energy, vision, and willingness to take responsibility for one's actions and decisions; the packaging doesn't really matter.

02/06/19 AT 03:13 PM
I am glad to see that you included the "qualified people"

02/06/19 AT 03:13 PM
Education is better than regulation. Reporting on public board information is fine, but don't oversimplify the ratios. The board should be diverse and represent the constituents, but not all companies are the same. An all male board would be short-sighted, but I would expect the ratio to be different in different industries. Quotas have unintended consequences.

02/06/19 AT 03:13 PM
Do we ask how many Christians or Athiests? How many Asians? How many single people? Do we ask how many people are from the City or Suburb? Do we ask how many short people or tall people? Do we ask how many bald men we should have?

02/06/19 AT 03:13 PM
As a woman I am insulted by the fact business are being populated by gender as opposed to talent. This political correct environment is ruining our country and businesses.
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