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A study released in February by Worcester Polytechnic Institute researchers advocated for more companies to consider including neurodiversity in hiring, due to the rising number of people diagnosed with autism or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and because they may have skills typical-developing employees don't have. Fortune 500 companies list variants like gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation in diversity hiring practices but usually not neurodiversity.
Would you consider putting neurodiversity into your firm's hiring practices?

02/26/19 AT 12:07 PM
Only hire the best for the job, regardless.

02/26/19 AT 12:07 PM
As with all hires, I feel that it's the individual who can perform best in the job role who deserves to be hired, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or neuro functionality. We have several employees who are clearly on the spectrum, although I am not aware if they have been medically diagnosed. It doesn't matter. They do their jobs well and can interact with other team members effectively. Others, without neurological issues, have adjusted to communicate with these individual, which has resulted in productive work product among employees.
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