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Caroline's Cannabis in Uxbridge will be the first small business to open a marijuana retail store in Massachusetts on March 15. The woman-owned company isn't backed by investors or a board of directors, unlike nearly all the other operators in the state's legal marijuana industry.
What is the best way for state regulators to encourage and protect small marijuana businesses?

03/12/19 AT 03:50 PM
The CCC has tried to do this 'roll-out' in the best way they could to support the industry and protect society from the risks. I am in the end game of receiving my Cannabis Microbusiness license this month ~ fingers crossed. The process is intensive and expensive. There has been a commitment by the CCC to assist equity, woman or minority owned businesses that hasn't really panned out for us. I know that things will ease up as time goes by but initially, improved communication and assistance from the CCC folks to those of us getting into the business is the best first step. Kimberly Gibson, Gibby's Garden LLC

03/12/19 AT 03:50 PM
Make the application process easier so companies don’t have to hire expensive attorneys

03/12/19 AT 03:50 PM
This is a badly worded poll. I'd rather there be limited shops by whatever means necessary to limit them until there is clearer regulation regarding this drug.

03/12/19 AT 03:50 PM
Allowing and encouraging the sale of addictive drugs is the dumbest thing we have done to ourselves in a long time. Where are the responsible "adults"

03/12/19 AT 03:50 PM
These businesses are making millions of dollars per week. They don't need government help to make this thing go.
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