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Maynard firm AquaBounty will begin the U.S. production and sale of its genetically modified salmon after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration lifted an import alert on the products. The production of genetically modified organisms (GMO) has been controversial, but the company maintains its products are safe, healthy and delicious.
If you owned a restaurant or grocery store, would you sell genetically modified food like salmon?

04/03/19 AT 11:53 AM
I do not believe that modified is good for us. And I choose to purchase and food that is not. It seems that you think you are saving money and the food chain of the entire population pays for all that bad choice. To many unhealthy people now.

04/03/19 AT 11:53 AM
This news hits me particularly hard as salmon has long been my favorite fish. As it is, I shun the farm raised because of the GMO crap they're fed, and have only been buying wild caught. Now that the Frankenfish are here it's inevitable that they will eventually pollute the wild stock. Bye-bye salmon. I will miss you.

04/03/19 AT 11:53 AM
The anti-GMO movement is about as lucid and informed as the people who tried to keep fluoride out of our drinking water.
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