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Colorado cannabis research firm BDS Analytics estimates more than 75% of Massachusetts' marijuana sales in 2019 will take place on the black market.
What is the best way to get rid of black market marijuana in Massachusetts?

05/02/19 AT 11:54 AM
Money talks. Supply and demand, if you charge too much people will go elsewhere.

05/01/19 AT 01:54 PM
The black market only exist because they are filling a niche. Supply and Demand Economics prevail in a free market economy.

05/01/19 AT 01:54 PM
There will be some harmonization as more stores are more readily available however prices are really high in the stores. Also, many shops are being acquired by large entities which could create monopolies and price issues at some point... The taxes for the towns are nice but, like liquor stores, will need to come down along with prices to consumers. Towns should factor this in.

05/01/19 AT 01:54 PM
Ah...the price of taxes.

05/01/19 AT 01:54 PM
Like all services and/or products, the best price point is critical. Black market prices have dropped well below legal retailers, which is a problem for any consumer. Low price and excellent quality is a tough price to beat.
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