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Secretary of State alleges billion-dollar Ponzi scheme by Marlborough company

Emily Micucci |

Secretary of State William Galvin has filed a civil complaint against Marlborough marketing firm TelexFREE, alleging the company is "merely a veiled pyramid and Ponzi scheme"...

Survey: Social media key to reaching millennials

Jacquelyn Gutc |

A new study by Wakefield-based SDL confirms what many likely could have guessed: If you want to appeal to millennials, you need to be using social media.

What’s your ‘brand?’ If you don’t know, start by asking ‘Who am I?’

Ken Cook |

It seems that everybody is a brand today, intentionally or not. The emergence of social media platforms, instant access to information and global connectivity all contribute to the...

Firms with similar names can sow confusion, or provide mutual benefit

Emily Micucci |

Choosing a name is arguably the most important branding decision a company will make. Usually, the name is designed to be catchy and give an organization distinction.

Top Advertising & PR Firms

RankNameLocal Full-time Employees/2012 Gross BillingsYear...

Any takers for the T&G? Speculation builds on who might buy the newspaper

Emily Micucci |

When Boston Red Sox owner and billionaire John W. Henry bought The Boston Globe and Worcester's Telegram & Gazette in October, his intentions for the Boston newspaper were clear.

MassDiGI Awarded $25K For Education Series

Emily Micucci |

Worcester-based Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI) at Becker College received a $25,000 grant to expand high school participation in its annual MassDiGI Game Challenge, and to launch a...

Christine Tieri: President smith&jones Idea Agency, Sturbridge

I am most influenced by entrepreneurs, people who are willing to assume risk when building something they believe in. My grandfather, Henry Madore, was a huge role model. He started his...

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