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Congress approves Blackstone National Park

Sam Bonacci |

In a move that will have funding and tourism implications at historic sites throughout Central Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Congress has voted to create a new national park in the Blackstone River...

Olympic bid stirs contrasting views at Hub forum


Holding the Summer Olympic Games in Boston a little less than a decade from now would either sacrifice the city's goals to a three-week party for the world elite or give the Bay State a chance to...

Cashing in on culture to boost business

Sam Bonacci |

More governments and nonprofit groups across Central Massachusetts are focusing on culture and the arts as money-making cornerstones capable of anchoring entire neighborhoods while making cities more...

Hanover Theatre buys adjacent building for $1.1M

Sam Bonacci |

The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts has taken a step toward expanding Worcester's theater district with the purchase of a three-story building adjacent to its downtown location.

Westborough will be home to new Sikh temple

Emily Micucci |

Waltham-based Vantage Builders Inc. said it has begun construction of a Sikh temple on Flanders Road in Westborough, which will become the principal place of worship for the New England Sikh...

Danforth Art's French to retire

The woman responsible for moving Danforth Art into Framingham's historic Jonathan Maynard Building announced Monday that she will retire at the end of the year.

Worcester braces for potential cultural revival

Emily Micucci |

Worcester drew a heavy dose of national attention last month when President Obama delivered the commencement address at Worcester Technical High School.

Worcester signage project receives $3M

A project designed to make it easier to travel around Worcester and promote the city is getting a $3-million funding boost from the city and state governments.

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