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Domaleski, founder and builder of World Energy Solutions, embraces broad approach in latest venture


Find a need and fill it. Find a product and improve it. Add value and make money doing it. That's Richard Domaleski's strategy for the company he founded in 2012, Worcester-based Mansfield Holdings...

The four tests that can take your idea from fantasy to reality


All too often, entrepreneurs move quickly to spend precious resources that they don't have to launch a product they believe is perfect into a market they're convinced is huge. And they do this...

Mass. lags in growth of women-owned businesses

A recent report ranked Massachusetts 34th in the nation when it comes to growth of women-owned businesses in the last 18 years.

Becker effort represents boost for ‘good’ business

In some circles big business has taken it on the chin for the widening income disparity between CEO pay and the pay of regular working-class employees in the United States. That...

Virgin Pulse raises $92 million

Framingham’s Virgin Pulse, which helps companies improve the well-being of their employees, has raised $92 million in additional funding.

Running Start joins coworking network

Worcester’s Running Start has joined the Workbar Network, allowing its members to use space in six different locations in Massachusetts.

Boots to bootstrapping: Military vets find host of resources to succeed in business

BY LIVIA GERSHON Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

The transition from military to civilian life is a notoriously tough one, but many veterans have a set of skills that's well suited to running a business. And there are a number of public- and...

More help on the way for small businesses

Sam Bonacci |

Former State Treasurer Steven Grossman, now CEO for a Boston-based nonprofit organization that aims to revitalize urban economies through business and job development, is leading the charge for...

Old skills in a new era: Entrepreneurs ply industrial-era crafts and trades

Sam Bonacci |

With most consumer markets populated by mass-produced items that are cookie-cutter images of each other, entrepreneurs in Worcester are capitalizing on goods that emphasize customization and...

Planting the seeds of a new business

(Editor's Note: Inspiration and Innovation, which focuses on entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, is a new column written by Jeff Schiebe that will run in every other edition of the Worcester...

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