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Outsourced Ideology: Sending the dirty work of clean energy north

Laura Finaldi |

Unable and unwilling to install the necessary infrastructure for renewable energy, Central Mass. has teamed with the rest of southern New England to pay far-flung locations to help meet the region's...

Creating a client-centric culture

LAURA HERMAN-STROHECKER Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

At Insurance Marketing Agencies, we take pride in our strong, client-centric culture. The agency was founded in 1924 in Worcester. We understand that we are here to provide the highest...

$30K available to businesses to reduce toxic chemicals

Sam Bonacci |

UMass Lowell’s Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) is looking to distribute to $30,000 to individual businesses, allowing them to reconfigure their processes to reduce the use of toxic...

Sustainable design

Rob Para |

10. Reduce energy needs. Roof and wall superinsulation, high-performance windows and LED lighting can significantly reduce energy loads and save money, both in initial...

Clark U. secures $885K to study evolution

Sam Bonacci |

Clark University professors will take the lead on part of an $8.7 million grant to investigate the evolutionary process in a program that will bring $885,000 to the school over the next three years.

Marlborough building receives LEED certification

Sam Bonacci |

The Quest Diagnostics clinical laboratory in Marlborough has received a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Consumer advice: 10 questions for selecting a healthcare provider

Kristin Morales-Lemieux |

To select a primary care provider, patients should first determine where they would like to seek care and carefully consider any potential barriers.

Benefits administration: Keep your staff in motion

Hilary Gardner |

There is no denying that a sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy and can lead to life-threatening health problems.

Assisted living facilities push for wider services from nurses


The Massachusetts Assisted Living Facility Association tried Tuesday to sway lawmakers to opposite sides of a bill that would allow nurses working at an assisted living facility to provide certain...

Ameresco secures $2.9M deal

Sam Bonacci |

Framingham-based Ameresco has signed a $2.9 million energy savings contract with the Kentucky School District.

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