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101: Peer learning


Business training sessions, whether for cybersecurity policy, new technology, sales practices or customer service, can be hosted by software companies, corporate leaders or outsourced experts.

The impact of online reviews


Building a positive online reputation takes time, effort, and unfortunately can be damaged in minutes.

10 Things I Know About … Engaging the immigrant business community

Take inventory of the communities and ethnic cultural neighborhoods your employees represent.

10 Things I Know About … Supporting nonprofits

Courtney Pelley |

Give. Simply (and honestly) put, no gift is too small (or too big).

101: Cybersecurity training


Employees can be an organization's best line of defense against cyberattacks

Four year-end tax planning tips

John F. Shoro |

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed in 2018 made several changes to the tax code.

101: Seeking advice


Asking for advice at work isn't always easy. For leaders and managers, it's even more difficult; they don't want to appear less knowledgeable about their job or industry, after all.

Where did my charitable deduction go?


When the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed in December, the often-rumored-to-be-cut charitable contribution deduction survived.

10 Things I Know About ... High-impact personal finance moves

Ryan Kittredge |

Take an inventory of your assets (and liabilities) to create a clear picture of your net worth and consider using aggregation software to track it over time.

Guacamole, pink cookies and why I provide extra paid maternity leave

I am the proud owner of a small business, but it hasn't been so small since we moved from Millbury to Worcester last year.

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