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101: Foster learning


Nobody likes a know-it-all, and in business, the ramifications can potentially impact your bottom line.

Use social videos to excite an audience


Video marketing and advertising is nothing new. Just turn on your TV to realize this. In fact, the first official TV commercial aired back in 1941 – a 10-second spot for Bulova, a watch and...

10 Things I Know About… Cybersecurity trends

Michelle Drolet |

Nearly 5 million data records are lost or stolen worldwide every single day, or 58 records every second.

101: New managers


In 2016, Robert Half Management Resources surveyed 2,200 CFOs and asked their views on the most difficult part of becoming a first-time manager. The most difficult part – with 32 percent of...

Understand what it takes to open a business


So you are considering opening a business in 2018? Let's talk!

10 Things I Know About ... Maintaining productivity as employees care for loved ones

Lori Poisson |

10) Establish onsite support groups to help employees manage the stress, guilt and frustration often accompanying caregiving.

101: Negotiations


They happen in boardrooms, hallways, lawyers' offices and in car dealerships. They are, of course, negotiations – seen by many as a means to an end to wrap up a transaction of some sort,...

Column: Website traffic down? Might be your site speed!


One of the first steps we take when we work with new clients is to ask them what key metrics they want to increase. Website traffic is among the top responses.

10 Things I know about ... Managed IT services

David S. Markey |

Managed service providers (MSP) offer technical support and monitoring for a fraction of the cost a full-time IT employee or IT department.

Five ways construction firms can reduce workers' comp premiums

Ross Amato |

For anyone owning a construction company, workers' comp insurance is an inevitable necessity. But by learning how the system works, construction executives will be able to better manage and plan for...

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