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10 THINGS I know about… Creating a truly diverse workplace

AiVi Nguyen |

Understand why it's important. Inclusion is not just the right thing to do, it's a strategic business move. The most successful businesses are the ones with a workforce with different experiences and...

101: Discipline at work


In a perfect world, all employees exhibit exceptional time management, judgment and diligence. But even if that were the case, definitions of those concepts can still vary greatly from cubicle to...

Harnessing the power of point-of-purchase signage


Each piece of marketing collateral plays a role in some bigger campaign.

101: Finding talent


Hiring is never an easy task for an employer – especially if a recruiter is not in the budget. For large companies, less-bureaucratic small businesses may be luring your potential...

10 Things I Know About ... Card payments

Keith Reardon |

Need help setting up a credit card payment system?

Want results with your marketing? Get SMART


When it comes to marketing your business, you need to establish goals to help lead your company toward a specific direction.

10 Things I know about... Marketing your marijuana business

Amadeus Finlay |

10) Social media isn't your friend. Sponsored content is prohibited, and platforms do not care to make the distinctions between THC and CBD.

101: Tech trap


There is a point where using tech for tech's sake is counterproductive.

Why you should care about GDPR


In about a month, Europe will begin enforcement of its General Data Protection Regulation, to prevent businesses from misusing or mishandling people's information. While GDPR was implemented on...

Three lessons from a million-dollar entrepreneur

By Ken Cook |

1) Have a mentor who truly cares about you. 2) Overcome the “I Quit” moments. 3) Focus on customers first.

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