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101:Offering feedback


Though we have touched on this topic before in this space, it's importance to revisit – plus, new findings on best implementation practices are constantly evolving.

How to manage business losses after severe weather


In the aftermath of a severe weather event, businesses face the unenviable prospect of trying to rebuild.

10 Things I know about...Life insurance

Ryan A. Wagner |

Some employers will offer life insurance as a benefit of employment. You can also get your own policy by working with a licensed agent.

Investment fraud: easy money or not

Bob Ainsworth |

I have inside information XYZ stock is about to double. You don't want to lose out on this opportunity, but I need an answer right away.

How proposals demonstrate respect (or lack of respect)

The Rainmaker, Ken Cook |

Do you use boilerplate language in proposals? My guess is most of you reading this do use it in some capacity

101: Keeping a work journal


Journaling, or keeping a diary, isn't just for angst-ridden teenagers anymore.

Three crucial keys to understanding HIPAA compliance


You already know how important it is to be HIPAA compliant.

10 things I know about ... starting a business from scratch

Joy Rachelle Murrieta |

You know that one thing your community doesn't have, that you can't help but notice and get annoyed with? That's your foothold for entrepreneurship.

Women need to understand what they’re worth

Deborah B. Goldberg |

When women are paid what they are worth and have equal opportunities to advance, it strengthens families, grows businesses and boosts our economy.

10 things I know about ... being a nonprofit executive

Maryann C. Johnson |

The passion and creativity entrepreneurs have is contagious.

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