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Karyopharm finds clinical partner, possible new uses for cancer drug

Emily Micucci |

Karyopharm Therapeutics of Natick has produced promising results as it develops its cancer drug, KPT-330. Now, the startup is exploring other potential applications for its technology.

Briefing: Life Sciences Research

A Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio) report released April 3 found that an intense...

Business Leaders of the Year 2014: Doron Reuveni, uTest

Emily Micucci |

In just five years, Doron Reuveni has transformed Framingham-based uTest from a small startup operating out of his MetroWest home to a tech darling that recently wooed Goldman Sachs into...

Worcester accounting firms merge

By Sunny Zheng Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

Worcester-based accounting firm Bollus Lynch said it has merged with the Kashuk, Bourgault, Kittredge & Frustaci (KBKF) accounting firm of Worcester.

Ballot activists see shortcomings in House minimum wage bill


Though not as generous as the Senate’s package, House Speaker Robert DeLeo’s proposal to raise the minimum wage to $10.50 an hour would still give Massachusetts the highest wage floor in...

Mass. needs a more flexible, less-bottled-up recycling law

christopher flynn Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

Massachusetts is used to being on the cutting edge. In politics and social change or in technology and innovation, our commonwealth is usually leading the way, embracing good ideas before...

As health care shifts to preventing illness, more entrepreneurs seize opportunities

Emily Micucci |

A little over five years ago, Peter Rucinski couldn't have told you the first thing about yoga.

Coakley joins other AGs to in bid to curb 'patent trolls'

Jacquelyn Gutc |

Attorney General Martha Coakley has joined 41 other attorneys general in supporting federal legislation against “patent trolls” to “address frivolous and abusive patent lawsuits...

Milford biotech firm may see therapy advance via new partnership

Emily Micucci |

Milford biotech startup Prothelia Inc. announced it has entered into an agreement with a Connecticut-based drug company to further develop Prothelia's clinical-stage treatment for the rare form of...

Electronic recyclers catch the wave of tech growth

Michael Novinson |

(From Feb. 17 print edition) An influx of new technology has left companies scrambling to determine how best to dispose of outdated machines and the information contained within them.

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