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Worcester small business microloan center to open

Sam Bonacci |

The South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC) is set to open a new center in Worcester on Wednesday that will provide low-interest microloans to small businesses and underserved entrepreneurs...

Millionaire's tax could hit small(ish) businesses hard

Sam Bonacci |

The proposed Millionaire's tax could impact business owners operating in Massachusetts.

Embracing foreign-born Central Mass. residents

In an election year where fear-mongering and playing off people's biases have seemed to rule the day – we've recently observed a sensible, intelligent approach to one of the...

GE move benefits Mass. taxes, politics, innovation

GE's decision to relocate from Fairfield, Conn. to Massachusetts may appear that the benefits will be Boston-centric, but the Fortune 10 company's move will resonate throughout the Bay...

Baker lays out $1B, 5-year economic development plan


Gov. Charlie Baker on Thursday proposed to pour almost $1 billion over the next five years into economic development, housing and job training as part of a strategy to maintain strong job growth in...

Marlborough launches small business loans

Sam Bonacci |

The Marlborough Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) has launched the Marlborough Area Community Loan Fund aimed at supporting local economic development through lending to small businesses.

Whiskey conference comes to Westborough

Sam Bonacci |

The largest whiskey event in New England will be held in Westborough this February, with thousands anticipated to attend a gathering dedicated to the many iterations of the venerable liquor.

MBTA fare increases contrary to no new fee policy?


Gov. Charlie Baker has held the fiscal line for Massachusetts taxpayers and those subject to myriad governmental fees, promising no hikes in the fiscal 2017 budget.

$200K loaned to North Central businesses

The North Central Massachusetts Development Corporation (NCMDC) has recently granted three small business loans totaling $194,000 to help selected businesses expand while retaining 60 jobs in the...

Senator: Legal marijuana would create challenges


Highly potent edible forms of marijuana make up nearly half the legalized market in Colorado and have had dangerous consequences for adults and children, according to a Massachusetts senator who...

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