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Worcester chamber urges voke-tech support

Zachary Comeau |

A statewide coalition of educators, businesspeople and community organizations including the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce are urging the Massachusetts Legislature to expand access to career...

Hologic partners with Minnesota firm on athlete body composition system

Zachary Comeau |

Medical technology firm Hologic is teaming up with the University of Minnesota to help coaches and professional trainers tailor athletes' bodies to their specific sport or position.

WPI granted $1.6M to develop wound-care app

Emily Micucci |

A team of researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute have received a $1.6-million grant from the National Institutes of Health to develop an app for tracking chronic wounds.

Atlantic Union College in Lancaster to close

Grant Welker |

Atlantic Union College, a small Christian school in Lancaster struggling with finances and a lack of accreditation, will effectively close after the spring semester.

Ameresco completes $3.7M Scotland energy project

Zachary Comeau |

Framingham renewable energy company Ameresco has completed a $3.7-million energy savings project at four Scotland colleges, the company announced Tuesday.

101: Foster learning


Nobody likes a know-it-all, and in business, the ramifications can potentially impact your bottom line.

Boardroom Gap: Companies with more women in leadership perform better

Grant Welker |

Studies show that companies with more women in senior management positions have better profits.

Boardroom Gap: Central Mass. male executives make $1.3M vs. $573K for women

Grant Welker |

The highest-paying jobs among Central Massachusetts' most prominent organizations are overwhelming held by men, while the sectors with the greater gender mix are typically lower paying.

Boardroom Gap: Women vastly underrepresented in Central Mass. corporate leadership

Grant Welker |

A three-month WBJ investigation into 75 prominent Central Massachusetts business organizations found women comprise a disproportionately low percentage of senior executives and board seats.

New Worcester arts initiative receives $500K from Boston foundation

Grant Welker |

Boston private foundation Barr Foundation gave $500,000 to the Greater Worcester Community Foundation to help create a new an arts initiative for organizations in Worcester.

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