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Webster Head Start Center completes $2.8M renovation

An early-education program in Webster run by the Worcester Community Action Council will hold a grand opening celebration Friday following a $2.8-million renovation.

101: Facilitate learning


Successful companies encourage employee learning. Too often, education and professional development focuses only on top-tier employees, which is a mistake,

$416K vs. $220K: The Central Mass. executive gender pay gap grew in 2018

Grant Welker |

The gap of pay between Central Mass. male and female executives increased in the last year, as men continue to hold higher-paying positions.

The Boardroom Gap: Central Mass. businesses slightly improve inclusion of women in leadership

Grant Welker |

Women continue to be vastly outnumbered by men at Central Mass. public companies, though improvement has been found in some areas.

Mass. opioid deaths fall for second straight year

Grant Welker |

More than five Massachusetts residents died on average each day of opioid overdoses last year. That would normally qualify as shocking. But it's down 4 percent year-to-year.

Mass. added 5,600 jobs in December

Grant Welker |

The Massachusetts economy added 5,600 jobs in December, the state announced Thursday, with the unemployment rate dropping to 3.3 percent.

Reliant Foundation had to stand on its own quickly

When international healthcare company Optum bought Reliant Medical Group for $28 million on March 31, the Worcester physician group's foundation was spun out as an independent entity.

Movers & Shakers

Who's on the move in Central Massachusetts?

Why LakePharma left a Worcester project for Hopkinton, allowing a Chinese competitor to take its place

Zachary Comeau |

LakePharma company was going to bring 150 jobs to Worcester, but a Chinese competitor took its place after the company decided it couldn't wait any longer and moved to Hopkinton.

Indian Hill picks new CEO ahead of major expansion, move

Indian Hill Music, a Littleton nonprofit for music education and performance, has appointed a new CEO as it embarks on a move to a larger facility in Groton.

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