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Column: Facing hikes, many exchange shoppers should look elsewhere

By Louis Gutierrez |

Up to 70,000 people in Massachusetts who buy health plans through the state exchange will see premium increases of 25 percent or more.

Column: Wellness boosts business as well as employees

Benefits expert Vanessa Costa explains how a Leominster machine shop cut its annual health insurance costs by 7.5 percent.

For hospital systems, operating doctors groups is a balancing act

Livia Gershon |

Managing the financial demands of physician groups with community needs can be tricky.

Q&A with Dr. Jennifer LaFemina, surgical oncologist

For LaFemina, working with breast cancer patients is a calling.

Can freezing eggs freeze time?

By Susan Shalhoub |

Local experts say the technology of egg freezing has grown over the past decade, offering an option previously not available.

How a MassHealth makeover could set a new standard for care

Emily Micucci |

Next year, many people covered by MassHealth will be transitioned into a new system of care delivery intended to improve their care while making the program sustainable.

AdCare exec: Services will improve after sale to public company

Emily Micucci |

The Worcester-based addiction treatment services provider is planning to merge with a Tennessee-based company next year.

Fallon Health names new CFO

Zachary Comeau |

Worcester healthcare insurer and provider Fallon Health on Monday named a new chief financial officer with more than 20 years of experience in the health insurance industry.

MAPFRE Insurance restructures, ceases operation in five states

Zachary Comeau |

Webster's Mapfre Insurance announced Friday its plans to realign its business strategy and cease operation in five states in order to grow its core operations.

Boston Scientific lost $3.5B in value in two days

Zachary Comeau |

The price of Marlborough medical device maker Boston Scientific's stock has fallen nearly 9 percent since the close of market trading on Monday, fueled by an announced delay to its Lotus Edge Aortic...

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