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Wage law delay requests pits interests of tipped workers, restaurants

State House News Service |

The coalition behind last year's successful bill raising the minimum wage says the restaurant industry is trying to backtrack on part of the legal agreement, which an industry official says has...

10 Things I Know About ... Retaining staff in the service industry

Sell a good product. Make sure the product your employee is trying to sell is reputable, this makes her/his job easy.

Poverty up in Worcester neighborhoods, as home values lag

Grant Welker |

Even with a long period of economic growth and redevelopment through significant stretches of downtown, Worcester has not been spared from some broader troublesome trends.

Shortlisted architecture firm brought on board for WooSox stadium development

An architecture and design firm that was on the city's shortlist for the $100 million ballpark project for the future home of the Pawtucket Red Sox will get some work on the facility after all.

Worcester could tax Airbnb hosts 6%

A Worcester city councilor is proposing a 6-percent tax on short-term housing rentals, which would force hosts on platforms like Airbnb to pay up.

Worcester County not a popular Airbnb destination in 2018

Despite having the state’s second-largest city, Worcester County ranked near the bottom in Massachusetts for 2018 income and guests on hospitality platform Airbnb.

Best of Business: Where to unwind

The 9-to-5 grind can be hard. Luckily, there are many places to unwind in Central Mass.

Best of Business: Places to conduct business

Where are the best places to open an office, get dinner or hold an event?

Best of Business: Servicing your business

Looking for the best business services in Central Massachusetts? Look no further.

New downtown Worcester district seeks to add range of improvements

Grant Welker |

Worcester is set to roll out the eighth business improvement district in Massachusetts, adding events, signage and "ambassadors" to keep the neighborhood clean and help visitors.

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