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Pot retailers Temescal Wellness in Hudson, Pittsfield can open this week

Zachary Comeau |

Temescal Wellness has won Cannabis Control Commission approval to open shops in Hudson and Pittsfield.

Best of Business: Where to unwind

The 9-to-5 grind can be hard. Luckily, there are many places to unwind in Central Mass.

Best of Business: Places to conduct business

Where are the best places to open an office, get dinner or hold an event?

Best of Business: Multimedia experts

Need help with your company's website or a social media campaign?

Promote diversity in the marijuana industry

With recreational marijuana as the new hot industry in Massachusetts, expected to soon generate up to $1 billion in taxable revenue, it's easy to overlook its illicit past.

Left behind: Minorities are hard to find in the legal pot industry

Zachary Comeau |

The industry, which in its infancy relies on companies with ready access to cash, is not very diverse.

New downtown Worcester district seeks to add range of improvements

Grant Welker |

Worcester is set to roll out the eighth business improvement district in Massachusetts, adding events, signage and "ambassadors" to keep the neighborhood clean and help visitors.

Temescal Wellness gets planning board approval to grow Worcester pot

Zachary Comeau |

A multistate operator of cannabis dispensaries has received approval from Worcester's Planning Board to add a retail cultivation component to an existing facility on Southwest Cutoff.

Flavored tobacco now banned in Worcester

Worcester has joined a growing list of Massachusetts cities and towns banning the sale of flavored tobacco.

New statewide tobacco standards go into effect Monday

State House News Service |

Nearly 14 years after Needham became the first town in the country to ban tobacco sales to people under 21, the higher purchase age will kick in across the state on Monday.

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