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Common misconceptions of the pass-through deduction


Even though the U.S. Tax Cut and Jobs Act is more than a year old, businesses are still scrambling to figure out how the so-called pass-through deduction is supposed to work.

Caroline’s Cannabis bucks the big marijuana industry trend

Zachary Comeau |

Caroline's Cannabis s the first woman-owned small business and the first general applicant to be awarded a final state license to sell marijuana products.

CCC chief: alcohol, marijuana regulation not the same

State House News Service |

The state's chief marijuana regulator said Wednesday it is simply not practical to try to apply the framework for alcoholic beverage regulation to the cannabis industry

Central Mass. chambers split over $400K in development funds

Four Central Massachusetts chambers of commerce have received more than $100,000 each in state funding to help with initiatives targeting small businesses.

Seven Central Mass. downtowns receive project funding

Seven downtown initiatives in Central Massachusetts from Athol to Wayland have received a boost through the Massachusetts Downtown Initiative.

Medical pot dispensary Mass Wellspring in Acton ordered to shut down

An Acton medical marijuana dispensary has been ordered by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission to shut down.

Caroline's Cannabis in Uxbridge will be state's first woman-owned, small business retail store

Zachary Comeau |

The first mom-and-pop cannabis store in Massachusetts was awarded a final license from the state Cannabis Control Commission on Thursday.

Worcester dry cleaning business fined $84K

A Main Street dry cleaning business in Worcester is being ordered to pay almost $84,000 in penalties for violating environmental regulations.

Draft rule would cut union contributions to candidates

State House News Service |

State campaign finance regulators are proposing to close what critics have derided as a "union loophole" by reducing the amount of money a union can contribute to a candidate for public office from...

State and federal lawmakers press for equal pay for tipped workers

State House News Service |

Less than a year after lawmakers struck a so-called "grand bargain" to increase minimum wages for all workers, advocates are mounting a new push to ensure tipped workers receive the same base wage as...

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