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Updated: December 11, 2023 7 Things

7 Things I know about ... The Massachusetts Workforce Training Program

7) Businesses within Massachusetts are eligible to apply. Businesses based in Massachusetts contributing to the state’s unemployment insurance are eligible for workforce training funds.

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Rich Frenette is founder of Workforce Training Solutions, a Leominster-based company designed to help businesses achieve strategic staff development goals and improve profitability by securing state workforce training funds. Contact him at

6) A variety of approved training workshops are available within the program. A list of typical workshops includes, but is not restricted to, software training; English as a second language; diversity, equity, and inclusion; executive leadership coaching; staff development; and salesforce customer relationship management.

5) Identify opportunities and challenges aligned with funding eligibility. By identifying staff development needs and aligning those needs with funding eligibility, businesses will experience the strongest return on investment.

4) Work with businesses and organizations to secure funding. By navigating the application process for businesses, the team obtains insight, knowledge, and expertise of the training program grants and how best to present a compelling application.

3) Benefits include improving staff skill sets and achieving strategic staff development goals. Corporate strategic plans should include staff development objectives. Successful staff development addresses business opportunities and challenges leading to improved market competitiveness, profitability, and employee morale.

2) Senior management buy-in for training programs is important. This grant-funded staff training opportunity must have senior management buy-in to ensure training will continue through the entire process. Senior management is best positioned to identify workshops addressing overall strategic staff development goals.

1) Know the best time to apply for the grants. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and businesses may apply anytime.

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