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Updated: March 18, 2024 Advice

7 Things you need to do ... For your service-based business

I often find myself saying “I wish I had a guide for all the things I learned in my first full year of entrepreneurship the day I started my business full time.” This, my friend, is just that, for you.

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Tara Ostromecky is founder and CEO of Makin’ It Marketing in Worcester. Reach here at

7) Take advantage of your local resources. Whether it’s applying for a grant with Mass. Growth Capital Corp., working with a free business advisor from Mass. Small Business Development Center, or signing up for an accelerator program like EForAll, so many people want to help you succeed.

6) Network, both online and in person. The power of who you are as a person will take you and your business a long way.

5) Always be learning. Stop saying “I don’t have the time to read,” and instead make time to consume the information that’s already out there for people like you. Plus, audio books are a thing, so you can be learning whether you’re driving or doing the dishes.

4) Make it as easy for people to work with you. Stop making people email you their availability and start streamlining and automating your booking processes, have an easy-to-navigate website, and make your services accessible.

3) Build trust and credibility. Don’t forget to send the client that sung your praises via text a link to leave you a Google Review. Take it one step further, and record them on Zoom with you talking about how amazing it is to work with you. Share these testimonials on your social media, website, and directly with prospective clients.

2) Tap into the power of marketing. Remember marketing is a long-term game, as it’s not sales. Start off organically on social media and your website, then use those to capture leads. Nurture your leads with automations and emails.

1) Outsourcing. There’s no need for you to try to wear all the hats, learn a new skill, or spend hours trying to figure out how to do something when there are people and businesses you can pay to do it for you. The best part? You’ll save money and time by not having to manage these things (like marketing, accounting, sales, etc.)

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