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Updated: February 7, 2022 know how

Future-proofing our workforce

Across Central Massachusetts, restaurants, retail shops and firms are facing employee shortages. With employees in the driver’s seat, companies must weigh how to attract the next generation of workers, which, in the next decade, is expected to make up the majority of our labor force in the region. 

David Ginisi is chief marketing officer at Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has served as a catalyst for this workplace revolution now requiring employers to reimagine their recruitment and retention strategies.

Some agencies and corporations have already identified this pool of ambitious talent ready to begin their careers, and, with the staffing shortage almost every company is facing, we turn to this new generation of emerging men and women.

There are many factors that could limit the potential growth of a company. Oftentimes, the biggest risk is holding on to outdated business models and frameworks – whether relying on stale technology making your workday cumbersome or following the traditional nine-to-five office workday format.

Understanding these trends, Aging Services of North Central Massachusetts has implemented work from home options, flex scheduling, and employee wellness programs placing a premium on stress reduction. These simple, yet effective, benefits have future-proofed our organization.

We are more mindful of the importance of a healthy work/life balance. We know reducing stress and creating a more calming atmosphere can result in boosted employee morale and a better work product.

With nearly half of our workforce composed of young professionals, ASNCM embraces these simple methods which now makes our nonprofit competitive in the field of related industries.

Young professionals seek careers that not only have rich benefits and flexibility, but also have meaning.

Nonprofits and public sector employers can face even greater competition with their private sector counterparts.

“We are at a time when our workforce is redefining what is important to them, and as employers, we need to take that seriously,” said Patrick Lawlor who is the assistant town manager in Andover and has presented on successful multi-generational workplaces. “Successfully engaging employees is one of the greatest investments we can make in our organizations.”

The pandemic has bolstered remote work opportunities, providing employees with the option to live and work virtually anywhere. Preserving Central Massachusetts talent will be key to ensuring that our region remains competitive.

Young professionals want to work hard, find meaning in their work, and spend time outside of work learning and growing – as individuals and professionals.

As a recipient of Worcester Business Journal’s 40 Under Forty award, a passionate advocate for our region of the state, and a young professional eager to make a difference in our community, I know strong partnerships within our workforce will result in economic vitality throughout Central Massachusetts.

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