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January 23, 2017 KNOW HOW

Having fun identifying your corporate strengths

Kelly Paquin is the co-founder of Live Action Escapes in Worcester.

As you may know, there are many blocks needed to build a successful business: production, research & development, purchasing, marketing, human resource management, accounting and finance, and a passion for what you create. These blocks are dynamic and contain specific infrastructures and characteristics, but fit together in a cohesive manner to become your business.

Building a successful team takes on the same aspects as building a successful business. Each team member is also dynamic and has specific characteristics. Defining those characteristics in the confines of the workday can be a challenge to developing a more cohesive and efficient team.

An immersive team building experience, such as Live Action Escapes, allows for the dynamic characteristics of team members to stand out while working toward a common goal.

We, at Live Action Escapes, strategically design the games to maximize the efforts of team building. Each room's experience contains a concentration of new thought process development and cultivation of cooperation while progressing toward a singular common goal, all while racing the clock.

Successful businesses continue to develop products through research and development. The strength of your team and the morale of one's workforce also require such research and development. We offer the opportunity to witness the acute origins of team members' strengths and weaknesses by monitoring the progress of the team during game play. This can become invaluable when the team returns to the workplace. A number of local collegiate sports team coaches have found this experience to be useful when selecting players for positions after observing one's performance in our escape rooms, overall creating a more efficient team for the upcoming seasons.

Similar to a business' need for human resources management, when teams of co-workers are placed into one of our games, power dynamics can quickly become evident. Leaders emerge, team players interact positively and some members may put up barriers. A singular common goal allows a unique opportunity for teams to learn to communicate with and rely on one another. In a work environment where the computer reigns and everyone has their own tasks, human interaction is growing increasingly scarce. The interaction provided by working toward the common goal will strengthen bonds and leave a lasting impression.

This all comes to creating fun ways to maximize your team's dynamic and specific characteristics.

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