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December 20, 2016

Plastic Molding Manufacturing looks to reshore though acquisitions

Courtesy/Plastic Molding Manufacturing George E. Danis, CEO of Plastic Molding Manufacturing.

By acquiring smaller, “mom and pop” style machine shops, Plastic Molding Manufacturing is doing its part to keep production jobs in the U.S. The Hudson custom plastic injection molder, which was founded in 1968, entered the Midwestern market with its purchase of Indiana-based Aucilla earlier this year.

George E. Danis, Plastic Molding Manufacturing’s CEO, spoke about reshoring of jobs, the importance of being physically close to customers, and Central Massachusetts’ history as a manufacturing region

What do you make?

Plastic Molding Manufacturing is a custom plastic injection molding manufacturer, producing an array of molded parts and components for business partners of all industries. We try and diversify our portfolio of industries which include, but are not limited to, drug filtration, diagnostic equipment, military and firearms, automotive lens, footwear components, pet care systems, water filtration systems and industrial housing components. We focus on providing our business partners with engineering support throughout the life of their applications.

What markets do you serve?

Plastic Molding Manufacturing serves a variety of markets, including medical, industrial, electronics and connectors, defense and firearms, transportation, and consumer products. Our molding facilities offer flexibility in running all types of thermoplastic materials. Our ISO Class 8 Cleanroom provides our medical customers with more than 5,000 square feet, and six machines including a two-shot machine in order to meet their strict medical requirements. While each of our facilities flourish in different markets or specialized processes, all locations have the capability and support to manufacture for all industries. Our Massachusetts location promotes medical applications due to our cleanroom. The Connecticut facility is the largest base for two-shot molding in New England. The Pennsylvania facility automates and manufacturers several automotive components, several of which include chrome plating parts. Lastly, our newly acquired Indiana facility is known for high volume, lights-out molding of connectors and plumbing components.

Where are your business partners located?

Most of our business partners are local to each facility. We have a large business partner base in New England served from our Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania facilities. However, we do serve multiple business partners nationally. Many of our business partners have multiple locations and offices throughout the United States. We focus on accommodating our business partners through engineering, logistics, materials or capabilities, to name a few things.  Our growth through acquisitions has been increasingly helpful to our business partners in providing multiple locations closer to their offices -- closer to their engineers.

What is the breakdown of your business by industry?

20 percent medical, 20 percent electronics and connectors, 20 percent defense and firearms, 15 percent industrial, 15 percent transportation, 10 percent consumer.

You've made all of your acquisitions over the last six years. What drove you to make all those acquisitions?

Reshoring is certainly a main reason for acquiring multiple locations. Another reason is to be closer to our business partners. Being America’s technology molder requires multiple locations for our customers to visit and work with our team more efficiently. Building opportunities to better serve our business partners by transferring their program to one of our facilities that is closer to their office not only cuts their traveling efforts, especially compared to international molders, but, will aid their success.

Why did you decide to acquire Aucilla, and how has that impacted business?

We decided to acquire Aucilla, our new South Bend, Ind. location, to start our presence in the Midwest. We are also very focused on reshoring and providing America with strong manufacturing options. With the automation and lights out that Aucilla brings to the table, this enables us to compete with overseas suppliers and further support our reshoring efforts.  When combining multiple acquisitions into one, unified corporation, we are able to save "mom and pop" shops that have difficulty competing with the large corporations with high purchasing power and larger molding capacities.

Why is Central Massachusetts a good place for a manufacturing company to be?

Central Massachusetts is a great place for manufacturing companies because of the industry opportunities available. Medical, life sciences and technology are the top industries in Massachusetts, and our Hudson location offers local companies a plastic manufacturer closer to their offices. Manufacturing is also a leading industry in Massachusetts. Our neighboring town, Leominster, is considered the birthplace of plastic injection molding and has provided the building blocks for Central Massachusetts manufacturing opportunities and growth. The proximity of our facility to various institutions allows us to bring in and develop future talent and expertise.

What do you have going on right now? Any plans for expansion or more acquisitions?

We are continuously looking to provide our customers with the best and most efficient technologies. We have started our initiative and investment of $3 million in equipment and automation as well updating our processes for more efficient and lean manufacturing. We are continuously looking to expand through acquisitions and continue to grow as America’s technology molder throughout the Midwest. This coming year will bring continued efforts to reshore manufacturing, bring jobs back to our country and provide local and national products and services with cost effective and quick to market opportunities.

Anything else you would like to add?

We love to bring jobs back to America and Massachusetts! We are focused on being competitive with offshore pricing, quality, efficiency, and time to market, to help companies make the move back to United States manufacturing.

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