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March 5, 2018 The Boardroom Gap

Read the entire The Boardroom Gap series

Over the course of three months, Worcester Business Journal conducted an examination of the gender makeup of the 1,527 senior executives and board members at 75 prominent Central Massachusetts business organizations. The study found while the overall number of women in Central Massachusetts business leadership positions may appear to achieve an acceptable threshold for gender diversity – 33 percent – the figure is skewed by a handful of organizations and the gender mix at for-profit firms is particularly low, especially in CEO positions.

Over the course of this three-part series, WBJ examined what the gender leadership gap means for Central Mass. companies, salaries and individuals, and how businesses and the entire region can achieve greater equity among men and women in leading economic positions.

Read the entire Boardroom Gap series

Feb. 5 edition

– WBJ's Findings: Women vastly underrepresented in Central Mass. corporate leadership

– The Pay Gap: Central Mass. male executives make $1.3M vs. $573K for women

– Editorial OpinionThe importance of diversity

– Letter from the Editor: Can't keep doing the same thing and expect different results

Feb. 19 edition 

- Feeling Marginalized: Central Mass. businesswomen who've sat in positions of power say they don't get the same automatic credibility as men

– Gender Diversity = Profits: Companies with a greater mix of women in leadership perform better

March 5 edition 

– Narrowing the Boardroom Gap: Financial, legislative and cultural pressures are creating more gender diverse business leadership

– The Best Candidate Gets the Job: Diverse candidate pools lead to diverse companies, leading local firms say

– Letter from the Editor: Now comes the hard part

– Viewpoint Opinion: Women of color need to break the concrete ceiling

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