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Updated: March 6, 2023 Know How

The office is not just a physical place. It’s a state of mind!

The coronavirus pandemic brought about an immediate shift to working from home, and it was fantastic.

Mark Agostinelli is executive vice president for Marlborough staffing agency The DAVIS Cos. Reach him at

Commutes were gone, more time was spent with family, chores were done more effectively.

The list goes on.

What I loved about this forced social experiment is it proved to employers remote work can still be productive for the business and flexibility to work from home can be beneficial for the employee.

That said, over the longer term, professionals will suffer from not spending most of their time in an office.

Many of us loved the flexibility because we had spent years grinding, immersed in our businesses, and a breath of fresh air felt great.

However, we quickly forgot how much we gain from being in the office with our peers.

I have grade-school kids right now. Should I have a recent college graduate at home one day, one of my main pieces of advice while they embark on their career journey would be to find a mentor in a manager and be in the office with that person as much as possible!

My career progression, as well as those I look up to, is a direct result of being in an environment where spontaneity creates collaboration, where distractions can be limited and where relationships with my colleagues can thrive and mature.

Furthermore, we all have bad days, and they’re much easier to deal with when you aren’t isolated. I know my morale is much higher when I’m problem solving in-person than alone or over a Zoom meeting!

If your career is something you prioritize (as it’s up there with your family, religion, health), how can you not immerse yourself in this learning environment?

And for those on the back nine of their careers, I’d argue there is still much to learn, especially from recent college graduates. But beyond that, and perhaps more importantly: Who is going to give back in the same way someone did for you?

In summary, use technology and the flexibility to work from home when the furnace needs to be serviced or you need to get a kid off the bus. Don’t make working from home the norm.

This mindset will bring more fulfillment to your career, as well as those around you!

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