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ClearCom IT Solutions, Inc.


To Our Community Businesses and Clients,

We all are confronted with constant developments of coronavirus/COVID-19 and our industry is not immune to its effects. ClearCom continues to prioritize the concerns, safety, and well-being of our valued clients and team members.

Like all other organizations, we have put in place policies to mitigate the risks associated with this virus and implemented many proactive steps to stay ahead of its potential impacts. These measures have included increased sanitization practices - both internally for our workspace and when we need to go on-site; comprehensive remote work capabilities – most of our team continue to work remotely, limiting personnel in the office to properly social distance; and increased communications and updates to our team and clients.

IT services are essential, and the need for proper security measures continues to increase, especially during the current situation. With organizations pivoting to have more employees work from home, it is critical that those organizations’ infrastructure stays secure and their teams have the support needed to stay productive. Upgrades to the existing infrastructure and network to allow secure, remote access to line of business applications and company data have been most important among the businesses we work with.

Businesses are re-evaluating their budgets and expenses, looking closely at what they are getting for their money in all areas, including their IT. Companies who have had to reduce staff due to business slowdown recognize the fact they still need reliable, knowledgeable IT support in order to keep their organization running securely. They may realize their current IT solution isn’t working out for them, they don’t have someone that can help them with their revised needs for increased security, or they are looking at outsourcing all or part of their IT vs keeping a larger team on staff.

ClearCom is agile and flexible, which has allowed us to focus on delivering ongoing, exceptional service and support; responding to our clients’ evolving needs and demands quickly and effectively. Our clients’ experience with us continues to be seamless, as we are committed to providing constant, high engagement from our teams, combined with investments in business continuity and virtual support.

We have continued to grow, taking on additional clients despite the current economic disruption. No matter where customers are in their work-from-home migration (whether it be temporary or permanent), reliable connectivity to apps like Zoom, O365, MS Teams, VoIP and other apps will continue to grow in importance in our new economy. As we offer support and guidance to our customers, we’ll be ready here at ClearCom to add needed intelligence and stability to both Home Office and Business Office Internet connectivity.

We understand that you are all fielding questions and concerns on a daily basis, while navigating both personal and professional decisions. ClearCom is focused on helping ease your business concerns with our promise to ensure the best customer experience and consistent IT support you’ve come to expect.

Rob Cleary