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IC Federal Credit Union


These are surreal times. Who could have ever imagined, in this day and age, a virus would bring the world to a screeching halt. No, not a computer virus, but an illness, with flu-like symptoms. A disease, sadly affecting our families, friends and co-workers. Our businesses and livelihoods, dismantled, and life as we know it, may never be the same.

The speculation of getting back to normal, or some variation, is weighing on everyone’s mind. Not knowing what lies ahead is unnerving. But now, more than ever, we need to keep pushing forward, not only for our community, but for each other. To do this, we must rely on our assets. Not the monetary type, but the human type…our employees, a.k.a., our Team.

As a CEO, surrounding yourself with professionals is simply not enough. Developing an environment of trust, honesty, and respect will go a long way in making a solid connection with your team. However, the most important thing you can do, crisis or no crisis, is empower them. Your confidence will inspire confidence, and this will trickle down to even the newest employee within your organization. This individual will feel essential, trusted, and will become loyal and dependable. Now, imagine this person, speaking to a potential customer…exactly.

Empowerment is just one of many effective tools in helping your Team realize their full potential, proving invaluable during circumstances like Covid19. The act of delegating or enabling your Team leaders will help them grow into better decision-makers. Thus, during a time of pandemic, for example, knowing what to do and when, will be instinctive, rather than meditative, proactive vs reactive. Decisive action leads to controlled chaos. Being in a state of triage is not sustainable. Recognizing the difference helps derail an otherwise potential whirlwind of fear and anxiety across an organization.

Your customers and local community are directly impacted by your response, or lack thereof as well. Communicating to them in a calm and meaningful manner exudes confidence and stability. This is obviously imperative for any business. But, as a financial institution, conveying messages of reassurance and safety for their hard-earned money is necessary and expected. Yet, a message of hope, and compassion for them and their families during this time, makes you human. So when we say “we’re here for you” they know we mean it…because we do. To us, they are not just words.

I am honored to lead a team of caring and empowered professionals. They are a force of optimism and compassion for each other, our Members and our community. A smile, a kind word, even behind a protective mask, imparts faith and courage, in a time of unrest, demonstrating certainty in uncertain times. We live the credit union philosophy of “people helping people” every single day, and though it was established about a century ago, it remains one of our core values. We teach it to our staff, practice it in our community, and live it with our Members.

Staying true to who you are and what you do shows strength and conviction, reliance and credence. Those around you will follow your queue and flourish as individuals and as part of your team. Honesty promotes trust; trust cultivates respect, and respect instills confidence. As we begin the rebuild process, and shed the layers of Covid19, our character and actions will determine our outcome, but our endurance and resolve will pave our future. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have lost loved ones due to Covid19. Be safe. Have hope. Stay strong. We got this.

Anthony L. Emerson
President & CEO