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Progressive leaders see beyond themselves


Businesses need more progressive leadership. But how do today's leaders become progressive? More than ever, the business world is in dire need of progressive leaders to help develop...

'Locally grown' food holds potential for a greater bounty

JANET PIERCE Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

The potential impact of "locally grown" food and farm products on the Central Massachusetts economy is incredibly promising. Worcester County has the most farms of all...

Locally-grown efforts help lift innovation across Massachusetts

PAMELA GOLDBERG Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

Every year, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative releases its Annual Index of the Massachusetts Innovation Economy, benchmarking Massachusetts against other leading technology...

How a quick flow of information impacted gas pipeline plans


The proposed Keystone XL pipeline may not be running through the Northeast, but we have a similar project trying to get on the books.

Baker must continue to shine the state's spotlight on solar

BEN HELLERSTEIN and MARK DURRENBERGER Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

Two car dealerships in Westborough — Dan's Jeep and Westborough Mitsubishi — installed 441 rooftop solar panels, with anticipated savings of more than $500,000 in electricity...

Viewpoint: Congress must renew terror risk insurance

JAMES T. BRETT Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

Congress is back in Washington, and one of its most important pending actions is to extend the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, or TRIA. Failure to pass legislation have dire consequences in the event...

VIEWPOINT: Working with nonprofits benefits businesses beyond the bottom line

ANGELA BOVILL Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

When I was a CFO in business, I was truly for-profit. After all, profit meant survival and growth.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Do ‘smart meters’ threaten health?

The Page One article in the Sept. 29 print edition of the WBJ on National Grid's "Smart Grid" pilot program in Worcester (Online headline:

Invest in our citizens

MARTHA COAKLEY Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

I'm running for governor because I believe we have an opportunity right now to build an economy on our terms, not Wall Street's, that's prosperous and fair and gives everyone a fair...

Build on bipartisan legacy

charlie baker and karyn polito Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

Recently, we released a statewide economic development plan designed to expand the economy, create jobs and strengthen our communities. Our plan takes a different approach, in that we...

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