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Women must continue to mentor, take risks


Worcester has secured its place in history as part of the women's rights movement but the community must continue to push forward.

The power of women

In his intro to the 2016 Outstanding Women in Business edition, Editor Brad Kane reflects on the undervalued impact women have had on the lives of his disabled children.

MetroWest must nurture its workforce


Our 495/MetroWest regional employer survey this year illustrates several important truths of our regional economy – most importantly, that our employers remain confident, with 70...

Taking care of our caregivers


Supporting aging parents, caring for a spouse or significant other, or celebrating the arrival of a new child are milestone moments that often require large amounts of time and energy...

Urban revitalization needs community cooperation

JULIE HOLSTROM Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

The Worcester of 30 years ago is a far cry from the Worcester of today and it is our responsibility as good community stewards to build upon the city's successes.

Congress must promote Central Mass. exports

JAMES T. BRETT Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

Exports are an integral part of our economy, and businesses should be able to rely on the Ex-Im Bank when regular financial backing is unavailable.

Pay Equity Act friendly to plaintiffs

AMANDA MARIE BAER Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

A look at the new pay equity act by a local lawyer.

Tax-free weekend is an essential economic driver

W. STUART LOOSEMORE Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

The Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce argues for continuing the tax-free weekend in the future.

Legalize fireworks in Massachusetts

Once again, I write to suggest the time has come for Massachusetts to join the rest of the country and legalize the use of consumer fireworks for its citizens. This is the second year New...

Dealing with OT's new rules

TIMOTHY MURPHY Special to the Worcester Business Journal |

Beginning on December 1, millions of American workers will be eligible for overtime, local lawyer Timothy Murphy

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