10 Things I Know About... MOTIVATING EMPLOYEES

BY Tom Ingrassia
Tom Ingrassia is president of The MotivAct Group, a Holden-based company providing a holistic approach to personal and professional gro


A flexible work schedule may be just as motivating as a bonus. Invest in your staff in creative ways. Enable work/life balance.

Encourage and acknowledge individual contributions to the team effort.

At meetings, encourage individuals to make comments in support of an idea without fear of criticism.

As much as possible, share information from upper management. This helps the staff feel part of the big picture.

Encourage staff to define success within their jobs (and dig deep). Empower staff to make decisions within the parameters of their jobs. Enable “stretch goals.”

Even mistakes bring us closer to success. What can you learn going forward?

Model the behavior you want from your staff, and be willing to get involved in the dirty work.

Provide opportunities for staff to develop skills for the future in order to develop and meet their professional and personal goals.

As much as possible, circulate among staff regularly. Meet with staff regularly, not just for annual evaluations or when a crisis develops.

Develop and review the vision and mission together with your staff. Set departmental and individual goals together. Establish timelines, milestones and “accountability partners.”