2013 40 Under Forty: Amy Lynn Chase


Title: Owner, Crompton Collective (Haberdash Vintage and The Swapaholics)
Company location: Worcester
Residence: Worcester for 31 years; recently moved to Shrewsbury.
Favorite movie: “Pretty Woman” (I have a soft spot for the underdog.)
Favorite book: “The $100 Startup” (Only because I want to write a book about  the $0 startup.)
Career highlights: While I hope my greatest business accomplishments are still to come, I have always dreamed about creating a place for artists, creative types and lovers of old things to coexist. Opening the doors to my shop in the Canal District marked one of my most memorable days as a businesswoman. I am so lucky to have Crompton Collective in such a beautiful historic building in a neighborhood that I have always loved!
My second-best business day wasn't so close to home. It was when The Today Show featured my mobile vintage shop, The Haberdash, last year (a few tears of joy may have fallen).
Community involvement: One of my companies, The Swapaholics, has a long-term partnership with Goodwill. We host clothing swaps to teach women about over-consumption. We have all overindulged at some point. I try to teach people how important is it to the Earth to love their clothing and keep it in rotation. I'm always looking for new projects in our community. My newest is the Canal District Farmers Market.
Biggest success: Success is finding your passion and a purpose. If you can turn those things into money, you are in a pretty good place. I'm working my dream job and I get to bring my dogs along, too!
Biggest challenge: Balancing work and life has been no easy task. Sometimes, I even have to read online reviews of popular TV shows just to have things to talk about other than my businesses.
My other challenge would be reminding myself not to let little successes go to my head and instead take my ideas and run with them, and turn them into bigger, better ideas.
Mentors: My parents were great mentors to me. They taught me how important it is to work hard and be nice to people. I also look up to the risk takers, the rebel business owners in Worcester that have a vision and go for it. Specifically, I am in awe of Dino Lorusso and all the work he has done (and is still doing) with Crompton Place. I admire Alec Lopez and Sherri Sadowski from Armsby Abbey and all the support they give to local farms. Ted Domville from Wooberry is committed to make his restaurant as eco-friendly and sustainable as it can be. I love that.
Hidden talent: I can sing some mean karaoke.