Frederick H. Eppinger

BY Brad Kane


Very few people could plan to leave a job as head of Worcester's largest publicly traded company and still retain an outsized influence on the region, but such is the pull Frederick H. Eppinger has had on the region since 2003.

Since taking over Hanover Insurance 12 years ago, Eppinger oversaw the rise of the company stock price by more than 250 percent, as the Hanover went from a down-on-its-luck firm to a global player in the property and casualty insurance business.

More than just the financial turnaround, Hanover has become a major community player under Eppinger's leadership, with investments such as $70 million in the CitySquare downtown development, $3 million to resurrect the now renamed Hanover Theatre for Performing Arts, and even $480,000 for the baseball side of Holy Cross's Fitton Field.

As he steps away from Hanover sometime mid-year, business and community leaders are keeping their fingers crossed that Eppinger doesn't also step away from the significant role he has played in the region's economic revitalization.

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