FLEXcon partners with Needham firm

BY Grant Welker

Neil McDonough, CEO of FLEXcon.

Spencer adhesives manufacturer FLEXcon will partner with Polestar Technologies to help Polestar increase production of an optical sensor technology for life-support systems, FLEXcon said Tuesday.
FLEXcon, which makes adhesive coating and laminating, said it will work with Polestar of Needham on life-support products such as mixed-gas rebreathers used by emergency personnel or in recreational diving. The partnership will allow Polestar to advance from trials to full manufacturing runs, FLEXcon said.
Financial terms were not disclosed.
The rebreather product is a quarter-sized disc of polymer film that changes from blue to yellow when exposed to carbon dioxide. A white LED light illuminates the disc, and a digital meter reads the color, which is converted to the carbon dioxide level.