Aubuchon converts merchant software to Miami-based cloud service

BY Zachary Comeau

William Aubuchon, IV sees vast potential in his great-grandfather's business, possibly buying up retiring Baby Boomer's stores across the country.

Westminster retailer Aubuchon Hardware is converting its onsite merchant and intelligence software to the cloud, thanks to a Florida-based company.
Mi9 Retail, based in Miami, announced Aubuchon’s switch Tuesday. The company said Aubuchon made the switch to save money, and Aubuchon’s Vice President of Information Technology Scott Aubuchon confirmed in a statement included with Mi9’s press release. 
"The Mi9 Retail team assessed our current infrastructure and demonstrated the positive ROI we will experience after converting to the cloud, making the decision an easy one," Aubuchon said.
Aubuchon Hardware has been working to create stores stocked with items catered to their individual markets, using a new distribution system, in an effort to build a better hardware store as it competes with Amazon and big box stores. 
Neil Moses, Mi9’s CEO, said many of the company’s customers using traditional systems are using outdated software, are contracted with multiple vendors and have unpredictable IT costs.
Some of the company’s customers have cut their IT costs by as much as 50 percent, Moses said.
“Our unique (software as a service) offering offsets these challenges with a hosted infrastructure that is secure, scalable, and fully managed,” he said.