Syneron-Candela reaches IP agreement with competitor

BY Zachary Comeau

Photo | Google
Photo | Google
Syneron Candela's location in Wayland

Wayland medical aesthetic device company Syneron-Candela has ended a patent dispute with a global competitor after coming to a settlement agreement. 
The terms of the agreement with Lutronic Corp., a South Korea-based company with U.S. offices in Billerica, were not disclosed.
Syneron-Candela in April filed patent infringement suits against 18 companies including Lutronic.
According to a joint press release, the settlement protects Candela’s investment in Profound, the company’s skin treatment device, specializing in long-pulse and temperature-controlled technology. 
Though a sublicense from Syneron-Candela, Lutronic can continue to market its product in the short-pulse category.
According to the company, the Profound system is the only such device cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to provide real-time, temperature controlled long pulses of Radio Frequency.
In a statement, Syneron-Candela CEO Geoffrey Crouse said the company invests heavily in research and development and will continue to enforce its intellectual property rights. 
“We are pleased to have reached a settlement with Lutronic on mutually-agreeable terms,” Crouse said.